About Us


Hello. Welcome to The CorkBox Company. Thanks for stopping by!

We are Beth and Craig, founders of The CorkBox Company. Long careers in graphic design, customer service, and wine drinking have led to the creation of our cork boxes.

While friends filled their walls with diplomas, professional awards and sports trophies, we realized that we, too, should proudly showcase our lifetime achievements. After staring blankly at each other for several . . . long . . . silent . . . moments, we decided to display our collectibles instead. It came down to two choices: concert T-shirts from the 1970s . . . or wine corks. It was close, but the wine cork collection won by only two votes.

What started as a “one-off” for our basement bar quickly evolved into designing and building cork boxes for friends and relatives. Once we reached a stage where we couldn’t keep up, we contacted Vestate Framing (Canada) and worked with them to optimize manufacturing. They helped build prototypes and contributed many creative ideas. A perfect match!

These boxes are designed and built in Edmonton, Alberta and have sold all across Canada. Each box represents many hours of typography, art and manufacturing. We’ll keep adding to our product line until we run out of wine or ideas. Whichever comes first!

We also offer smaller quantity, custom cork box designs for organizations and wineries. Please contact us if you have any suggestions, ideas, or would like some more information. Wholesale enquiries welcomed.

Beth & Craig